I’m back (and I’m freaking out)!

I took a long break from blogging. This was probably a bad idea for many reasons. First, blogging has become therapeutic. It allows me to collect my thoughts and formulate it in a way where I can express myself. Second, by not looking at photos of myself/thinking of new workouts/ looking at healthy recipes, I have fallen off the wagon. It hasn’t been TOO bad. I still relatively eat well but my dessert intake has definitely increased.

I’d like to say that visitors/law school/work have kept me busy, but that just isn’t true. There is always time in the day if you choose to make something a priority. I need to constantly choose to make this a priority. My health journey IS a priority.

The real reason I had the sudden urge to get back to blogging is… I am FREAKING OUT! I thought it would be genius to sign up for a triathlon for my 25th birthday. Yes, it is a great workout! Yes, it is a good goal! Yes, I should challenge myself! NO, I AM NOT READY! I have 12 weeks to get my butt into gear.

Let’s hope I can do it!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention! I got engaged in November. I couldn’t be happier.

Cross-training MATTERS!


I am an avid runner. In August, I ran my first half marathon for the Lululemon Seawheeze! It was one of the best experiences of my LIFE. It was hard for me to find other types of sports that I enjoy. Although I like biking, I get a bit lazy when it is rainy in Seattle. The struggle to find a good cross-training workout led me to SWIMMING! I haven’t been in a pool in forever. The only time I go to the pool is when I visit my parents (which usually consist of me laying out and catching some sun). Since Darrel is training for a triathlon, I decided I might as well give swimming a try. My first time in the pool felt more like a swimming lesson. Darrel had to give me advise regarding my form and breathing technique. Regardless, you have to start somewhere! It feels good to give my knees a break. I feel like my flexibility and mobility is improving! I am a firm believer in cross-training! Good luck with your workouts everyone!